Honey Atkinson


Honey Atkinson



Every year my husband and I gift each other a book for Christmas. We don't get much time to read these days (kids will do that to you), but we usually have a rare chunk of down-time over the Christmas break, so something to read is always treasured. 

So we thought we’d start compiling a list of favourite reads - those books that we always refer back to and would never get rid of even in a decluttering/minimalism frenzy. We’ll continue to update and add to this as we receive more book recommendations from our farmer and homesteader friends.



Brightside Produce

  1. Restoration Agriculture - Mark Shepard - I've always loved the idea of closed loop, carbon positive farming, where you're creating habitats and diversity that are self perpetuating and improve with time -something more akin to permaculture. This book is about a farm that is doing just that. It is practical and inspiring and makes it seem not so far from our reach.

  2. The Urban Farmer - Curtis Stone -We farm on a very small footprint, which means we need to earn a higher amount per square meter to make our operation viable. This book really gave us the tools to analyse all of the crops we were growing and decide whether they were working on our scale. It also inspired us to be more business minded about the farm. 

  3. The Lean Farm - Chelsea Green This book has really helped us to analyse the work flow on our farm and make it more efficient. 

  4. Mushrooms and Toadstools -We really love foraging for mushrooms. We have many, many identification books so that we can be certain we know what we are doing but this one is by far our favourite. It has heaps of big beautiful photos and helpfully laid out information about spore print, edibility etc. 


We’d love to add your favourite book selections - please email us to let us know what they are!