Honey Atkinson

Freezer Preserving

Honey Atkinson
Freezer Preserving



Summer planting is well underway in our garden and we are basing a lot of the choices around last year’s growing season as well as how much use we got out of our stores/preserves.

Here’s my TOP 4 freezer preserves - corn (pictured), slow roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted eggplant and garlic - with some details on how we go about preserving them in our home.



The corn we planted all came on at the one time, despite succession planting. Whilst we did our best to eat lots, we couldn’t get through such a large amount before it perished (corn has a VERY short shelf life).

  1. The kernels were sliced off with a sharp knife and some were blanched in boiling water for a minute, others weren’t (this was a trial). The un-blanched ones were perfect so we wouldn’t bother blanching this year.

  2. The kernels were laid out onto trays with nonstick paper and frozen overnight.

  3. Once frozen were put into containers and bags.

The corn gets used weekly in soups, and fritters. Needless to say my mum (garden queen) is planting up a load of corn this year despite them being super hungry feeders of nutrients and water (which has previously put us off growing much of it). Happy corn 🌽 growing! 

Eggplant, Cherry toms and garlic preserving coming soon :)



It’s coming into garlic season and now is the time to keep some aside to last the next 12 months when the season is finished. Why, when you can buy it all year in the supermarket?...

  1. Support local farmers by buying direct (you know their backstory). If there’s no one local you can buy amazing garlic online from a farmer.

  2. You get to select garlic that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides or all the other horrible chemicals that are applied when they‘re imported (when not in season here)

How do you preserve garlic?

The garlic is broken apart into separate pieces (with skin on) and frozen into containers, that’s it! Works best when frozen quite fresh.

Does it still taste ok? YES! We pull a few cloves out of the freezer, rough cut, leave for a minute and finely chop. It works a treat.

Last December we bought 3kg from This Blooming Life and froze 2.5 kg of it in old yogurt containers. We are 11 months in and only have a few hundred grams left.


Do you need help finding a garlic grower?

Here are a few suggestions from our Instagram community. Please email or send us a message on Instagram if you’d like to your name add to this list. We love celebrating small-scale farmers growing food in a sustainable and regenerative way without the use of sprays and chemicals.


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