Will Work For Food (WWFF) is a collaboration of creatives with a shared desire to 'be the change' and use our skills for good. We believe that you really can change the world from your own backyard, and that collectively, we can all make a difference. 

The WWFF website was created to share the stories of the people we meet - farmers, homemakers and urban gardeners - all unique and with vastly different backgrounds, but who recognise that our current consumerist culture is simply not sustainable, and have chosen to walk a different path.

Combining our skills in photography, videography, writing, social media and marketing, we offer a package service to farmers, food producers and ethical business owners who share our values. The profits from this service, and from the sales of any products on this site, are used to enable us to provide these packages free of charge to start-up and young farmers who would otherwise be unable to afford these services.

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
— Dr Jane Goodall

This is not just about 'work' for us. This is personal. We are all on our own unique journeys towards living a simpler, more conscious lifestyle. One where we are contributors rather than just consumers, where we tread more lightly to reduce our negative impact on the world, and where we raise our children to be earth warriors, equipped to tackle the inevitable challenges they will face in their lifetimes.






co-founder / photographer

I'm a lifestyle and food photographer & film maker based in the Bega Valley, NSW. I'm particularly passionate about telling the stories of makers, farmers, foodies and producers through photography and video.

I'm a muma to a wilful four year old, an avid gardener with an obsession with bees and if I wasn't a photographer I'd spend my days cooking. My dream is to live self-sufficiently on our recently purchased 126 acre property in Brogo.

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co-founder / writer

I'm a writer, stylist and social media advisor living in North Qld. After years spent working in corporate marketing and advertising, I now work with farmers, makers and businesses with social good at their core.

I'm a mama to two young children and spend my non-working hours encouraging them to be as wild and free as possible, trying to stop our golden retriever puppy from chewing everything, and tending to way more chickens than what is allowed in a suburban backyard.




/cook & events organiser

Jenni Gough is a cook and events organiser from Canberra. Her business, A Forager’s Heart, is a tiny cooking and creative endeavour which grew from a love of the land, local food and the pleasure of sharing a meal with others. She believes food has a story to tell and that each meal is an opportunity for thought and reflection.

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I’m a interiors and lifestyle photographer based in Brisbane, Qld.

In an attempt to reduce my plastic waste I have frequented Farmers’ markets in Brisbane for the last few years to buy my weekly veggies, which has seen me cultivate an ever-growing interest in my food and where it comes from.

I am excited to be helping WWFF document some of the amazing producers in my region.

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